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Kit Bulletproof

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Café Santa Helena in grains

Pack 250g

Specialty Coffee

100% Bio Arabica Single Origin

Slow Artisan Roasting

Organic and Fairtrade from Brazil.

Intensity Dark roast for espresso

Butter Ghee  Chrüterhäx 180g Bio Swiss

Organic made according to Ayurvedic tradition!

Crüterhäx organic ghee is produced stirring continuously and carefully controlling the temperature. A lot of dexterity is involved so that the ghee retains its golden yellow color and does not burn.


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Café Santa Helena in Grains For Espresso

Specialty Coffee – 100% Bio Arabica Single Origin

 Certified Organic and Fairtrade

Slow Artisan Roasting

Intensity Dark Roast

Butter Ghee  Chrüterhäx 180g Bio Swiss

Organic made according to Ayurvedic tradition!

What is coffee with ghee?

Coffee and ghee is also called Bulletproof Coffee and Keto Coffee. It is an energizing beverage made with quality fats. To make it, blend together freshly brewed coffee, MCT oil or organic Ghee butter.

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee created by Dave Asprey, a technology entrepreneur, after a trip he made to Tibet and where he tasted tea with butter made from the milk of yak, a wild bovine of the region. It is created to keep you satiated, to reduce hunger, promote mental clarity, increase your focus on your tasks, increase fat burning and body stamina.

Ghee helps cut down on the acidity, inflammation and the calcium content to neutralizes it effects. It also contains the good kind of fat- butyric acid and Omega-3s, which is good for your gut health and metabolism. Compared to butter, ghee tends to have a nuttier, slightly sweeter flavor, Ghee is a clarified butter, made by simmering butter (preferably organic butter) until the water and milk solids evaporate—and it has a different appearance, flavor, and nutrient profile than the stick of butter in your fridge.

Ghee has also become a popular option among the dairy-intolerant, because it’s free of the milk solids and proteins in butter.

Bulletproof Coffee helps you feel satisfied, alert and focused, thanks to a combination of coffee and quality fats. That means steady energy levels.

How does it Work?

Coffee doesn’t just taste good. It also delivers antioxidants. Caffeine keeps you alert, and it can also boost your metabolism and help you burn fat for energy. The quality of the coffee you drink matters: Bad coffee can make you feel lousy, while the right beans can give you an excellent edge. That’s why choose to take your bulletproof with our organic coffee, 100% Arabica from the Santa Helena farm, in Brazil 🇧🇷.

You can make coffee and ghee with whole grains coffee in an espresso machine, or ground coffee for moka, filter or similar. Also you can make your drink using coffee capsules.

Really, hearing this firsthand, it feels strange to mix ghee butter with coffee, doesn’t it?

But know that this mixture has the power to make you feel satiated for longer, in addition to increasing your concentration, increasing your focus and having a different flavour.

The coolest thing is that you can make the mixture yourself at home! The effect is up to 50% higher than the coffee we drink every day.

To do this, you will need 200 ml of brewed or press coffee, and 1 tablespoon of ghee butter.

The way to prepare is very simple: add all the ingredients and beat, repeatedly, for 40 seconds. After that, just consume this delight!

Do you want to try Bulletproof?

Then, order now our coffee or capsules!

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