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Café Feminino Ground

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The coffee is cultivated, selected, dried, processed only by women.

Roast degree: Medium Light

High level of Sweetness

Low acidity

Sensory Notes: Caramel, Dark chocolate, Walnuts and fruits.

100% Organic Arabica, Fairtrade, Specialty Coffee, Single Origin from Brazil

Ideal for: Moka, Filter or Similar

Pack 500g

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Café Feminino Ground

Café feminino ground    Café feminino    Café feminino

Café Feminino Ground

The coffee is cultivated, harvested, dried, selected and processed only by women.

A group that stood together for a common cause. A product made of strength and courage. A coffee that tells that story. Sweetness and flavour sprout from women’s hands.

Café Feminino is the result of the meeting and the fighting of women who believed in their potential. They created MOBI – Mulheres Unidas em Busca de Independência (Women Together in Search for Independence), started to plant their coffee,


100% Arabica (Specialty Coffee). Organic and Fairtrade.

Body – Mild body with natural high level of sweetness, long lasting finish, low acidity.

Sensory Notes – Caramel, Dark chocolate, walnuts and fruits.

Intensity – 3 out of 5


Origin Green Coffee – Fazenda Santa Helena and partners. South of Minas Gerais, Brazil 🇧🇷 

Variety – Catuaí Vermelho.

Roasting process: Traditional Slow Roast with a wood 🪵 roaster🔥.

Roasting degree: Medium Light

Ideal for: Moka, Filter or Similar


Café Feminino Ground, 100% Arabica, Organic and Fairtrade, Specialty Coffee, Microlot, Single Origin from Brazil.

Avaiable in: 500gr bags

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Café Feminino Ground

Pack 500g

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