The best tested coffee beans

Best tested coffee beans

Bet on specialty coffees, because they have quality control from plantation to roasting.

What is considered a specialty coffee?

The famous term “specialty coffee” is the name given to a category of coffees that has a graduation from 80 points on a scale of 0 to 100 of sensory evaluation of the SCA Methodology. The “Speciality coffee” classification is made by a certified coffee grader and taster, the Q Grader. This professional can score, certify, and laude the coffees. This award is valid worldwide.

This evaluation is done through a process of tasting the finished coffee known as cupping.

When you choose specialty coffee, you are choosing pure, unblended beans of 100% Arabica origin. Now that is real coffee! You also choose not only a mix of sensations with different flavors and aromas with every sip, but also to connect with the true origin and history of the coffee.

Just like wine, coffee can also be appreciated for its sensory characteristics and not only for its caffeine. And believe me, once you try a special coffee, you will no longer want the traditional coffee!

Arabica Species

Best tested coffee beans

The “best” tested coffee beans are Arabica types, with intense aroma and sweetness and many variations in acidity, body, and flavor. Specialty and gourmet coffees are 100% Arabica. It has 50% less caffeine than Robusta.

A 100% Arabica coffee means that it has been produced solely with varieties of Arabica beans.

In Brazil, the most common varieties are Catuaí and Mundo Novo. However, there are also other cultivars, such as Yellow and Red Bourbon, Acaiá, and Catucaí, among others. Each one of them has different sensory characteristics, pleasing the most varied palates.

The composition of coffee

The body of the coffee is related to the solids dissolved in the fermentation. This body results in the sensations that the coffee causes when it comes into contact with the palate. A dense body coffee has a marked texture in the mouth. It is a creamier drink.

A medium body coffee will fall between watery and viscous consistencies. While a light body coffee has little residue, weight, and texture.

Coffee Acidity Levels Change Flavor

The coffee bean has more than 30 acids, some of which have health-giving properties. The perception of acidity occurs on the side of the tongue when drinking coffee.

The acidity can be citric, high, medium, and low. It can complement or unbalance the drink. If it is too high, the coffee will be sour, and when it has no acidity at all, the drink will be tasteless.

Take into account the type of coffee roasting

Best tested coffee beans

The roasting process is responsible for developing the coffee’s flavor and aroma. It also determines its quality.
A good tip is to avoid coffees that have a burnt roast.

Light roast coffees have less bitterness and a smoother flavor.

Medium roast has a balance point between several characteristics, such as acidity, aroma, and bitterness. We cannot forget the dark roast beans, which have more body and less flavor imbalance in the cup.

Also analyze the aroma and flavor of the chosen coffee

The best coffee beans have outstanding characteristics. Besides acidity, flavor and aroma also stand out, sensory notes of each coffee.

These notes are acquired according to the place and the way the coffee plants are grown, and by the processes the beans are submitted to. The soil where the coffee is grown is also a determining factor for its flavor and aroma. In southern Minas Gerais, the coffee plantations, thanks to their altitudes of 900 to 1300 m, produce beans with a full-bodied drink. They have a characteristic aroma and flavor, with notes of caramel, chocolate, nuts, honey, and fruit.

The sweetness we find in coffee comes from the fruit of the coffee tree and the caramelization in the roasting process.

Now that you understand how to choose the best coffees, don’t hesitate to elect Café Santa Helena, tested and approved by our Q. Grader professionals as a Specialty Coffee with an average score of 85 points!

Organic, Fairtrade from Southern Minas Gerais the best soil for Specialty Coffee in Brazil 🇧🇷 Best tested coffee beans!

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