Traditional Coffee X Specialty Coffee

Isn’t everything coffee?


What is the difference between Specialty Coffee and Traditional Coffee:

Traditional coffee is the “everyday coffee”, with recommendable quality and affordable cost. The composition is made with Arabica and Robusta with 20% impurities. Its flavor is more bitter and intense with dark coloration.

Its production is on a large scale and because of the raw material and the production process it ends up having a lower quality than specialty coffee.

You must be wondering what comes in a package of coffee other than the beans? Yes, the traditional coffee packages do not have the ideal selection of beans. There are perfect and imperfect beans, affecting the flavor of the coffee. But in addition to these imperfect beans, a percentage of impurities such as branches of the coffee tree, husks, and even insects come from the coffee plantation. This damages the quality, flavor, and aroma of the coffee. What we call traditional coffee is very roasted beans, giving them a black color and a strong bitterness.

In short, most people are unaware of the great complexity of coffee and its types. Many consume coffee without actually feeling its sensorial notes, which give the beverage its full flavor and differentiation.

Specialty Coffee

The Specialty Coffee is a high quality coffee, 100% Arabica, from pure and selected beans, without blends. It has more flavor, aroma and health benefits. If you look for quality and worry about your health choose specialty coffees.

The care with the specialty coffee goes from planting (variety, type of soil, altitude, temperature, climate), through harvesting, drying, roasting, and preparation, involving the entire production chain, where each step influences the final result. Specialty coffee at the roasting stage is very positive because of the purity of the beans.

In the SCAA classification, the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the specialty coffee score is at least 80 points (up to 100). This methodology evaluates the following attributes: fragrance/aroma, uniformity, absence of defects, sweetness, flavor, acidity, body, finish, harmony, and final concept.

When you opt for specialty coffee, you are choosing pure, unblended beans of 100% Arabica origin. This is a real coffee. Not only do you choose a mixture of sensations with different flavors and aromas with each sip, but you also connect with the true origin (Terroir) and history of the coffee. This beverage brings not only flavor and energy, but also represents an entire production chain, from the farm to the roaster and coffee shop where you consume your coffee.

Bottom Line:

What makes the difference in the final result is ALTITUDE. Robusta beans are planted at altitudes of up to 600 meters, while Arabica beans are planted between 600 and 2000 meters. Recent studies have shown that the higher the altitude, the greater the concentration of minerals in the grain and the greater the richness of flavor and aroma.

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