Mocaccino or Cappuccino?

Do you know the difference between Cappuccino and Mocaccino?

Mocaccino or cappuccino

Mocaccino or Cappuccino 

Have you ever stopped to think about what is a cappuccino or its similar Mocaccino or Mocha coffee?

Well, we can start by saying that both are made with Espresso Coffee and milk.
But what really differentiates these two drinks are the way of preparation and the additional ingredients.
In this case, for example, the determining factor is the chocolate syrup at the bottom of the cup.

Traditionally, this drink is made with espresso coffee, steamed milk, and milk foam.
But they can be found using a sprinkling of cinnamon or chocolate powder on top.

When preparing the mocaccino, also known as mocha coffee, you must put cocoa chips in the base of the cup, espresso coffee and the milk foam.

By the way, speaking of milk, another point of difference between mocaccino and cappuccino is the amount of milk in the recipe. Mocaccinos do not require as much milk as cappuccinos do.
This drink is usually made in a glass cup to leave visible the layer of chocolate, coffee and milk foam. It can be sprinkled with chocolate in powder.

The Story of Mocha Coffee

In the early days of coffee’s globalization, Yemen benefitted from a monopoly on the world’s coffee bean production. And their most coveted export was the Moka bean.

The term, “mocha” referred to beans imported from Al Moka — a Yemeni port city that once reigned as a supreme center for trade and commerce during Yemen’s coffee hold in the 17th century. Moka beans consisted of a variety of Arabica coffee beans harvested in neighboring mountain regions in central Yemen. Notably not in Al Moka. After they were harvested, the beans would be roasted and shipped to the port.

Mocha beans were easily recognized for their strange shape and yellow-green hue. The rich, oily composition made them a favorite across Europe and along the spice route. The Yemeni coffee as earthy and “chocolatey” by comparison. “Mocha” became a household term for coffee drinkers throughout the governing continent. It appears to be a product of Italian influence.

Cappuccino or Mocaccino the best way of to drink it, is with an Organic Coffee!

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