Drip Coffee did you Know?

What is Drip Coffee?

The fact that today there is nothing more valuable than our time, is there? The search for practicality, speed and agility is a constant in a large part of our lives. But even so, quality, whether of a product or a service, is a characteristic that has not been overlooked. Good, isn’t it?!
Following this thought, have you thought about having practicality + quality allied to the product that we most like to consume, coffee?

This is exactly the proposal of the so-called Drip Coffee or Individual filter coffee. A quality coffee with its own percolator, anytime, anywhere, and it can be easily stored in bags, backpacks or drawers. It’s a real pocket coffee!

The novelty was born in Japan, in the 90s, and became a success in Europe and the United States.
With the idea of ​​simplifying the famous brewed coffee, Drip Coffe combines practicality with the quality of a special coffee. 
Coffee is stored in sachets, as if it were tea, and, in this way, you can prepare the drink  in a few seconds.

How works Drip Coffee?

Each sachet consists of a filter that packs the ground beans and a filter support.
The filtering system is made of TNT, ensuring the drink has a medium roast and grinding. It has a balanced acidity and natural sweetness.

The materials that make up the hooks and filters are fused using heat sealing, and thus without adhesive elements. The materials are made using food-compatible tools.
The process is possible due to the flexible rods present in the sachets, which fit on the edges of cups, allowing the coffee to be strained directly into the recipient to be drunk. And, in this way, the consumer only needs a little hot water to make the coffee. Remembering that in each sachet, there is the ideal portion for one person.

How to use Drip Coffee?

Each sachet usually comes with 10 grams of ground Arabica coffee.

Position the support handles over the edges of the cup (with a capacity of 150 ml to 200 ml). Pour the hot water over the filter, pausing to filter it out slowly.
And ready! Your brewed coffee is now ready for consumption.
Although there are more and more ways to prepare coffee, good and traditional strained coffee never loses its place, does it? So here’s another novelty in how to enjoy the coffee.


Drip coffee


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