How to Store Coffee at Home?

How to store coffee at home?

How to store my coffee at home? Can I store coffee in the fridge?

This is a very common question and we always hear this question…

Some people tend to keep their coffee in the fridge, but is that correct?


The recommendation is clear: avoid keeping your coffee at extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

Coffee can absorb moisture and odors from the refrigerator. In the freezer, it can keep small ice residues after freezing. This causes the beans to lose their aroma and flavor.

Enemies of Coffee at home:

The biggest enemies of coffee when it comes to storage are:





Therefore, it is important to be careful after opening the package. The beans are very sensitive after roasting and taking care of where they are stored is important to maintain their good sensory characteristics throughout the package.

The big tip is:

Always keep it in dry places, in dark packages (which protects it from light) and tightly sealed jars to avoid air contact.

Less is more!

It is important to know that air speeds up the coffee oxidation process, which causes the beans to lose aroma and flavor.

Note: Our packaging is specially made to maintain the freshness and flavor of the coffee after roasting!


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